Image by Andrew Amistad


Wellness. Purpose. Communities.

Mission: To utilize the ART of food service, work experience, mentoring, and community-building to provide a supportive and encouraging environment of HOPE for local youth. To encourage the EXPLORATION of opportunities- ultimately leading to our youth taking steps towards their goal and dream achievement.

SHINE is a movement devoted to supporting and encouraging our youth; that too often
feel voiceless, powerless, and purposeless within our communities. Far too many
students are dropping out of school, in and out of alternative schools, processed in
the revolving door of the juvenile detention center,
experiencing homelessness, or seeking a
stronger support system for guidance. 



The objective of SHINE is to help develop a strong foundation for these core values:

Self-Value- SHINE wants the youth to get an opportunity to interact with others and to understand their unique significance while developing confidence to believe in themselves as they face life challenges.
Teamwork- SHINE aims to create an environment where students from various backgrounds can work together in a challenging but exciting setting, with communication and trust being key elements that are consistently present.
Purpose- Each individual has unique gifts, talents, and skills of which are valuable to society. At SHINE, we hope to uplift our youth and encourage their commitment to develop those unique skills needed on the path to fulfilling dreams.
Family Support System- We believe that each person can feel empowered to reach their full potential when they have a caring and supportive family
environment in their corner. Creating an environment that is an extension of the family-structure, or in some cases the only stable family environment youth may know, is an essential component.
Apprenticeship/Mentorship- SHINE serves as a launching pad for youth to earn valuable experience in the culinary field, while learning the various key
components in entrepreneurship. We mentor and coach the youth to improve their life skills as well as professional skills.